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Atom D525/D2550
项目名称: ITX-H25_2D8 VER:1.5A
担保机构: 还款方式: ♦ Onboard Intel® Atom N2800 1.86G dual-core processor♦ Adopt Intel® NM10 Express chipset.♦ 1* DDR3 SODIMM memory slot, support800/1066MHz memory, up to4GB.♦ Integrated Intel® GMA3600 Graphics♦ Provide 1*VGA,1*LVDS (support single channel 24BIT)♦ 2* RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet connector or1*RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet♦ 6*RS232,8*USB2.0,1*LPT
项目规模: 0 项目期限: 0 个月 年化收益:

♦ Supprot Intel® Cedar Trail-D/M Processor

♦ Adopt Intel® NM10 Express chipset.

♦ 1* DDR3 SODIMM memory slot, support800/1066MHz memory, up to4GB.

♦ Integrated Intel® GMA3600 Graphics


项目名称: ITX-M58_D42 VER:1.6A
担保机构: 还款方式: ♦ Integrated Intel® Atom D425/1.80G dual core processor,TDP 13W♦ Adopt Intel® ICH8M high speed chipset.♦ 1* DDR3 SODIMM ,support 800MHz memory, up to 2GB♦ Integrated Intel® GMA3150 graphics♦ 1* VGA、1*LVDS display output,LVDS support signal 18bit♦ 1* RTL8105E 100M ethernet ,support wake on LAN/PXE♦ 2*RS232,8*USB2.0,1*LPT,1* PCI
项目规模: 0 项目期限: 0 个月 年化收益:

♦ Integrated Intel® Atom D425/1.80G dual core processor,TDP 13W

♦ Adopt Intel® ICH8M high speed chipset.

♦ 1* DDR3 SODIMM ,support 800MHz memory, up to 2GB

♦ Integrated Intel® GMA3150 graphics

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