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What is an industrial computer? ---YANYU takes you to understand industrial computer

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 What is an industrial computer?

---YANYU takes you to understand industrial computer

What is an industrial computer?

Industrial computer, the full name of industrial control computer, is a computer specially designed for industrial control. It is used to monitor and control the equipment, production process, data parameters, etc. used in the production process.

What is the difference between an industrial computer and an ordinary computer?

Compared with ordinary computers, industrial computers have very high scalability requirements. The design of the interface needs to meet specific external equipment. Therefore, in most cases, industrial computers need to be customized separately to meet the needs.

The industrial control system mainly includes three parts: system software, industrial control application software, and application software development environment. The system software is the basic core of the other two, thus affecting the development quality of system software design. Industrial control application software is mainly generated according to the user's industrial control and management needs, so it has specificity. From the perspective of the development history and current situation of industrial control software systems, the five main features of industrial control software systems can explain the problem of what an industrial control computer is.


1. Real-time

One of the main characteristics of the industrial production process is real-time, so correspondingly, the industrial control software system should have strong real-time.

2. Openness

This is a vital indicator in modern control systems and engineering design systems. Openness contributes to the interconnection and compatibility of various systems, and it is conducive to the formation and realization of the design, establishment and application of an integrated (collective) industrial idea. In order to make the system have good openness, an open architecture, industrial software and software environment must be selected.

3. Network integration

High integration is an inevitable trend in the development of computer technology. High-speed network interface connection makes management more convenient. Make the control operation at your fingertips.



4. Multithreading and multitasking

The industrial object faced by many modern control software is no longer a single-task line, but a more complex multi-task system. Therefore, how to effectively control and manage such a system is still the main research object of industrial control software to meet this requirement. , Industrial control software, especially the underlying industrial control system software must have this feature, such as the research and application of multi-task real-time operating systems.

5. The man-machine interface is more friendly

This not only refers to the convenience of operation brought about by menu-driven, it should include the man-machine interface of design and application.



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To put it simply, an industrial computer is a computer specially designed for industrial sites. Generally, industrial sites will have strong vibrations, extremely dusty sites, and high electromagnetic field interference. Normal computers cannot be used normally in industrial sites, which will affect work efficiency and work quality. Especially when it comes to continuous work, an industrial computer is even more needed. Industrial computer equipment has very important applications in many fields and is irreplaceable; with the upgrading and development of technology, the stability of the industrial computer system has been greatly improved, and the manufacturing and production costs of the industrial computer have also been reduced.



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