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Ingenious work, extraordinary


Has the YANYU AIO been launched?

Yes, we have been doing it a few years ago! You only know now!

How was it different this time?

After you finish reading, remember this, please find YANYU when you need AIO!

Who is YANYU?

As the world's leading and well-known supplier of embedded product solutions, YANYU Group has been focusing on providing mid-to-high-end embedded motherboards and industrial control complete machine solutions for customers since its establishment more than 20 years ago. It is a member of Intel® IOT Alliance. Its subsidiaries include Shenzhen Hanzhixing Technology Co., Ltd. and Control Communication Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., of which Hanzhixing Technology focuses on R&D and customized solutions for embedded motherboards, industrial control motherboards, industrial computer motherboards, industrial motherboards, etc.; Technology provides customers with complete machine solutions such as embedded industrial computer, industrial computer, industrial tablet, MINI PC, all-in-one computer, and storage equipment.

Products include X86 architecture, ARM architecture, localization and other platform development and services, forming a comprehensive motherboard and machine service system, and the industry's first to propose a high-speed connection solution to achieve the core motherboard and different I/O function boards wireless Docking, comprehensively improve the efficiency and stability of data transmission, and enable products to be freely combined like building blocks, freely responding to the market as desired.

The company's team size is about 200 people (excluding factory production line employees), including nearly 50 product and R&D teams, and more than 10 practical invention patents, involving industrial applications, terminals, network security, monitoring, commercial display, medical, transportation, Machine vision and other fields have accumulated extremely rich industry experience.

Why is yanyu?

First: Industrial control quality

YANYU has accumulated 20 years of experience in the industrial control industry, including research and development capabilities, manufacturing advantages, process quality, service levels, etc.; a simple big data: an industrial control machine is almost 24 hours to start, and the life span is more than 10 years! The service life of an ordinary consumer all-in-one machine on the market is estimated to be within 3 years. Didn't you find that your computer has become very slow after being used for more than 1 year? If you put this industrial control quality on the integrated machine, the quality is self-evident!

Two: manufacturing advantages

1. The world's leading manufacturing equipment: Japan JUKI high-speed SMT placement machine; automatic solder paste printing machine; SPI online 3D color solder paste detector; multi-temperature zone reflow soldering; AOI automatic optical detector; full-process layout and efficient placement line ; Plug-in line; test line; packaging line; assembly line; product direct rate industry leader in the world; pass rate of 100%;        

2. Industry chain advantage

What is the core of the all-in-one?

Is it a screen? Of course not, because the screen is a standard product.

CPU and storage space? It can be said yes or no, because everyone uses almost the same!

Is it the design? The molds are all shared, there is no difference in advantages, obviously not!

The answer is the motherboard! Main board design layout, rationality, design experience, materials, etc. about the quality of the all-in-one machine!

YANYU has the advantages of motherboard design and production, and the quality of our all-in-one machine will be excellent


Third: Design and quality priority

Unique design: Since the birth of the multifunction computer, its performance and heat dissipation have been criticized. The high-performance all-in-one machine has poor heat dissipation and good heat dissipation. All-in-one performance is very low. How to maintain the balance between computer performance and all-in-one heat dissipation has always been the focus of major manufacturers. Industrial control in the research field is based on design sources and uses copper tube heat dissipation technology. This is a more efficient heat dissipation method than ordinary aluminum plate air cooling, aluminum plate + copper column air cooling, second only to the current popular water cooling. The design of the air outlet of the radiator not only considers the role of the air duct in the rear cover of the integrated machine, but also considers the rising principle of the hot air.

Pay attention to materials and materials, for example, PCB boards distinguish the general or low-end products from manufacturers who pursue low prices and profits instead of using four-layer boards, including other materials, to ensure stable product quality and longer service life!


Fourth: Modular assembly, convenient for C-end maintenance

Easy to disassemble, easy to upgrade, easy to maintain研域一体机隆重上市

In order to have a novel appearance and save cost, the traditional all-in-one machine is generally integrated injection molding, which is very inconvenient to maintain later in this design. The split assembly method adopted by the computer of the research domain industrial control integrated machine, the modular design concept makes the later maintenance very convenient, and it is also easy to replace the accessories.

Fifth, the variety is diversified, there is always one you want

The A215Z series all-in-one computer uses a 21.5-inch LCD screen, while the A238Z series all-in-one computer uses a 23.8-inch LCD screen, combined with the high-performance ITX-Y86, ITX-Y69, ITX-Y75 models independently developed by Yanyu Industrial Control. The motherboard can be used in different environments.


Yanyu Industrial Control Co.Ltd. has introduced new products, and launched the A215Z A238Z two series of all-in-one computers.



For more product information, please visit the official website of Yanyu Industrial Control.

Our corporate philosophy is: the integration of people and enterprises, integrity and win-win!

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