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 Intel Developer Froum (IDF) is the world's most famous technology industry event.Every year in the spring and autumn of two, held in the United States, China and many other countries,the leading technology experts and enterprisesaround the world gathered together .To understand the international industry information, technology trends, and communicate & share their achievements & leading experience.




The Intel Developer Forum(IDF) was held in Moscone Exhibition  Center ,San Francisco ,the United States for a period of 3 days (8.16,2016~8.18,2016) ,Hanzsung Technology Co.,LTD (YANYUGONGKONG) were invited to attend this exhibition.There are some differences towards the IDF Conference in Shenzhen ,China on April,and this IDF Conference in the United States  brings its latest research results, the introduction of cutting-edge technology integration of real Alloy projects and networking chips Joule.




Hanzsung Technology Co.,LTD general manager Mr. Yang Dong is located in the industrial exhibition in front of the gate


 Hanzsung Technology Co.,LTD(YANYUGONGKONG) as Intel industrial networking core ODM partners,it tight combination of thetheme “Smart Internet World Driven Future”,and it is with machine vision, cloud terminals, big data, smart education andnetwork security etc.debuting of the current IDF conference.



Our products based on Intel Architecture, data distributed framework platform, forming an embedded Internet Computing central cloud services, cloud edge provide distributed data management and using quantitative equation to determine the optimal partition of data calculation and, in equation under the guidance, through analyzing the distributional technology to realize collaborative intelligence.



Hanzsung Technology Co.,LTD general manager Mr. Yang Dong LeftInternet Market Director General Manager Mr. Ge Yunlong (Right)

 With the "Internet plus" era, cloud and big data terminal is increasingly penetrated into people's lives now, it is from the mobile phone application to daily consumption, from transportation to the wisdom of the city, the future will be separated from the cloud terminal solutions and big data services.



Intel Mobile Marketing Director Chris O’Malley(right)



  (Industry experts are visiting our products.


  In the future, we will continue with the Intel launched more in-depth strategic cooperation in product development, industry analysis, marketing and other aspects. We will be the overall layout of the industry in the smart retail, intelligent finance, intelligent transportation, smart education, network security, cloud computingetc.And we will with Intel together to create China's IOT of resplendent and magnificent!



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