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2016 products launches of the internet of things

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On 22 June 2016 Intel & Hanzsung Technology Co.,Ltd the products launches held in Zhoushan Zhejiang organised by Intel Arthur.

Many leaders of Intel League and Hanzsung attended this meeting.

Meeting started by the anouncements of Yangdong--General manager of Hanzsung Technology Co.,Ltd,And associated with a brief introduction of the course of a company, thanks to a number of clients and Intel Arthur.yang, and other leaders to join in the meeting.


Mr. Jimmy talked about the processor of intel and the products of network, Gigabit fiber.

And express that will devolop more and deeply business with Hanzsung Technology Co.,Ltd


During the meeting R & D director Mr.Xie from Hanzsung Technology Co.,Ltd showed the following product line design and focuses on explaining the new product planning.


 1. Industrial automation control

  2. OPS Digital signage and Intelligence education products

  3. Network security intelligentialize

  4. Fanless Industrial PC


Finally Mr Xie From Intel has done summary speech, and explain the ApolloLake products is upcoming and the information related to product and KabyLake products. Hanzsung Technology will make much attention to the progress of these two products, and will do the corresponding and product planning.

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