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How to do maintenance for motherboard

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First, clean the board with a long time will have a thick layer of dust, the dust is the key to the problem caused by the motherboard.

Time to clean up the dust on the motherboard, first unplug the power and then open the case, please don't touch the motherboard should find some larger metal object removal with its own electrostatic, to prevent burn out the motherboard tiny electronic components and to unplug all card, memory power plug, the demolition of the screw the motherboard motherboard out, use a soft brush to remove dust.

Second, the renovation of the method to remove dust, is a little vexed and careful. Remove the motherboard to pull out the card, memory, battery, radiator, CPU, can take are taken down. Then the motherboard into pure water with a brush to clean with a dry cloth suction on the motherboard, no surface water, paper bag the best with a newspaper, and then placed in the sun exposure. Time is about 2 to 3 hours, disconnecting the newspapers to see if you have dry, pay attention to dry, otherwise the latter. Completed in chassis, pay attention to dress the radiator is a must to add thermal paste not too much nor too little.

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