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2013 HanzSung Tech grand debut industrial computer and embedded systems.

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August 1 to 3, for a period of 3 days of 2013 industrial computer and embedded system development has officially curtain call. Exhibition comprehensive display of X86, arm, ASIC, FPGA, GPU a variety of embedded technology and in the vertical industry innovation application meet the industry increasingly diverse expertise needs; and will jointly industrial control, automation, networking, security monitoring, digital signage, rail transportation, medical electronics, automotive electronics and other industry experts and senior professional audience discuss technology to talk about the market.



Exhibition, Han Zhixing based on Intel platform for the development of the new products are mainly H67SL, M100, M847 and other types of the Intel & reg; B75, NM70 high speed chip group and supports four generation core I3, i5 and i7 Pentium processor, the maximum memory slot can support 8GB, 16GB and other advantages.



Based on AMD developed new products ITX-A75 is also one of the highlights of the exhibition. Through single board 4 screen display can match the graphics, this product suitable for large-scale outdoor advertising screen. Booth at the scene of cooperation with customers, in a prominent position configured 4 46 inch screen splicing, attracted customers have stopped participated in the interaction of the understanding, the effect of color.


 Through the industrial computer and embedded systems development, companies from the aspects of tried to show the company's products, to promote the company's brand, causing extensive concern in the industry. Many customers and thereby to show, for our products to be real experience and highly recognized, the market would demand and is the development of the hard truth, brand benefit in this. Thanks to this exhibition platform with all attention to Han Zhixing technology products friends or unit, Han Zhixing science and technology must with greater enthusiasm for better products for everyone to provide better quality of service.




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