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Simple introduction of the advantages of electronic whiteboard

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Electronic whiteboard is a collection of cutting-edge electronic technology, software technology, such as a variety of high-tech research and development of high-tech products, it is through the application of electromagnetic induction principle, combined with computer and projector, you can achieve paperless office and teaching,

The following simple introduction of the advantages of electronic whiteboard:


1.After finishing the Epistle to the Romans after, we usually meet, speech need not stop on the whiteboard writing their own key points, while listening to the need to keep the record, for fear of omission, the electronic whiteboard only need to listen to the teacher carefully, speech, only need to press a key or click the remote control, can the whiteboard writing the contents of the entire printing down, just a few seconds of time, or use the computer only need to press a key or click the remote control, can the whiteboard writing the contents of the entire input to the computer, very convenient, with ordinary whiteboard can not match advantage.


2, the ordinary white usually written in a period of time after, the ink spots, it is difficult to wipe, electronic whiteboard use better texture and a blank, gently rub, you can wipe very clean, again with the manufacturers give the whiteboard nursing liquid, regular care, whiteboard used often new.


3, electronic whiteboard due to the mold to write can be made of pieces of writing board, a book written can turn to a format of writing. In addition, in order to meet the needs of modern office, YAKUDO electronics whiteboard have several products to electronic whiteboard in a format change projection screen, more convenient for company meeting demand, we have to write a write to projection, do not need to open the curtain, just click the button, whiteboard will automatically switch to the projection screen.


4, and now, like electronic whiteboard and other electronic products also, update speed is very fast, at this stage, new interactive whiteboard can also do computer document or a picture can be displayed on the whiteboard, we only need a electronic pen, you can change any computer on the whiteboard, and format can do than teaching blackboard is bigger, which is more convenient for the our teaching and conference. But also through connected with the video conference system, realize remote meeting and distance teaching.


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