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Talent concept
As a high-tech enterprise, we regard the carrier of knowledge and the driving force of innovation -- talents as the most precious wealth of the company, so that every employee is respected. We trust every employee, through the barrier-free communication, mutual exchange of views, encourage employees to participate in, adhering to a democratic, open and supports the consistent style of work, create a relaxed and friendly, the integrity of the humanities environment. With the help of the capitalization of human resources, we enable the value of talents to be reflected and compensated. Maintaining the continuous appreciation of human capital is also our most concerned business operation.

Mechanism of the candidates
Excellent talents are the driving force for the development of the company. We through scientific selection method, the strict selection criteria, the perfect candidate process, establish scientific and effective, responsive and flexible recruitment system, to ensure that the enterprise core value idea of the most appropriate personnel into the company, effective operation to provide human resources support for the company.

Mechanism of choose and employ persons
With the rapid growth of the enterprise, we have built a vast platform for the personal development of employees, enabling them to reach unique world-class leading technologies and give them a challenging entrepreneurial role. We can assure you that every effort and has the talent employees, get a fair development opportunities, and on the basis of objective management, performance appraisal, introducing competition mechanism, promote the talent to stand out, entrusts with an important task.

Education mechanism
With the help of knowledge management, human resource development is carried out through new employee tutor system, on-the-job training, off-job training and self-training and other ways to realize the self-development of employees.

New employee tutor system: the company provides one mentor for each new employee. Through the guidance of work, life and other aspects, the company helps new employees to integrate into the team as soon as possible and better enter the working status.

On-the-job and off-job training: the company sets training courses for each post, which are taught by the company's lecturers or external experts to ensure the growth of employees' knowledge and skills. The technical backbone of the company is assigned to attend special training to ensure the timely update of employees' knowledge.

Retention mechanism
We are committed to changing the research area industrial control from 'the home of workers' to an institutionalized workplace, and we hope every employee can experience a beautiful day of life here!
To apply for the process
Submit your resume
Reporting resumes to 51job.com;
Email your resume to HR@tostarcn.com, the email subject must indicate the position you are applying for.
Please dial 0755-8939 5385 to 6019
Ii. Resume screening
After receiving your resume, we will organize professional HR personnel and business personnel to conduct a preliminary screening and evaluation, when you after the preliminary screening we will through the mail, SMS or telephone etc. Several ways to get in touch with you, invite you to attend a meeting. So remind you, must keep your contact information unimpeded.
First try!
Congratulations to you! You have passed our preliminary screening. Please bring your id card, education certificate, relevant qualification certificate and resume to the interview arranged by our company on time.
Written test!
For the convenience of job seekers, we will arrange a written test after the interview according to the needs of the position.
Five, the interview
According to the preliminary test and written test results, we will decide whether to arrange hr department and hr department to interview you together. At that time, we will have a deeper understanding and communication.

The basic procedures are as follows: please arrange the time in advance, specify the driving route, and bring your id card, graduation certificate and relevant certificates (original) to the interview. If you have any questions, please contact us. Thank you! If you have passed the resume screening and passed the written test and interview, congratulations! -- after signing the relevant agreement, you will soon become a member of the industrial control of the research area!

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