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Milestone Developing History

Development historyIn 2020 Create high-quality products, improve competitiveness, and realize sales revenue.

In 2019 System optimization, process reengineering, cultural construction; supply chain optimization, team optimization.

In 2018  Expanded our industrial layout,we follow the industrial trends with a more macro horizons.In the near future,YanYu GongKong will be a Professional solution supplier of smart internet hardware system.

In 2017  We enhanced our internal operations,improved the processes and marketing positioning of our products constantly.What we had done returned as a scale gradually and the sales volume has been increasing steadily with the annual growth rate of 50% at the same time.

In 2016  In order to enhance the marketing competitiveness,the quality service of our produces and the External reputation,increase the R&D input and the staffing in all departments,we started to moved to  where was  larger and better for us and achieved China National high-tech enterprises .

In 2015  We have been the best annual partner of Intel.

In 2014  We have been a member of Intel smart union and with the help of Intel,our technologies and the quality of our product have been improving and increasing.Meanwhile,we have been owning so much recognition from our clients.

In 2013  We positioning in the market accurately and improved our R&D technology,so we occupied a place in industrial control and traveling,it made us keep developing fast and own a number of patents.

In 2012  We possessed our own brand trademark,YanYu GongKong.

In 2011  We established “HanZhiXing”Science & technology Co., LTD .We created IPC industrial products R&D team and increased our  productivity.

In 2000  The smart computer(ZhiXing) marketing department”was established,we mainly produced and sold some products related to VIA,SIS,Inter and so on,it laid the foundation on our future.

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